• State of Buddhism Conference Singapore 2015



    Hello! You may have seen our helpful camera peeps walking around during the conference. Below you will see the fruits of their labour woven into a videolog "report".



  • Thank you for your enthusiasm!

    We still feel great. :)

    Hello again!

    A lot has happened in just the two weeks since the conference, with Christmas passing us in a flash, and the New Year here in just a few days. But even as many things have happened, we are glad to hear from quite a few participants that they found it useful, and that the initial energy from the high of the conference has steadily been converted into thoughts about what the possible next steps should be to advance the ideas that came into being at the conference.


    It is with this in mind that the organising team is continuing to link people up, and the BuddhistYouth Network is also keen to see how they will be able to help spirited individuals like you pick up the baton and run. We will keep you posted on this website and also on the BuddhistYouth Network's Facebook page. (https://www.facebook.com/BuddhistYouthNetwork/)


    To help us collectively remember what actually transpired at the conference, the team has also decided to compile a "report" about it! But instead of doing a usual written report, we have uploaded videos + presentations that took place on the day itself (so you can watch it in case you can't fall asleep). Hopefully, these videos help us capture for a little while longer the sense of shared ownership and earnest exchange that we were blessed with during the 13th of December 2015. 

    (The full list of videos can be accessed on the SoBC 2015 YouTube channel.)


    People + Networks + Ideas -> SOMETHING BIG.. in the future?

    Somehow, something happens when all these 3 conditions come together. We will not be able to foresee what is going to come of this Conference in even two months' time, let alone in a year, but at least we now have expanded our circles beyond what they originally were, and perhaps rekindled some long-lost karmic connections in the process. Our hope is that one day when you have an idea and need like-minded friends to help, you can tap on the connections you made at the conference (and you can then watch the videos here again to remember what happened!). And the BuddhistYouth Network will be there to help facilitate that process.


    Once again the organising team would like to thank you ALL for the wonderful time we had at the conference. Our paths will definitely cross again sometime soon.


    Signing off,

    Kan Pei Ying

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    Conference Flow

    What happened on 13 Dec 2015?

  • Trends Presentation Slides

    Download it, read  it again, spark something new! 

  • 1. Looking forward: Trends and Impact

    How will things happening in our universe impact the Buddhist world?

    (Click on pictures for videos)

    Link to Youtube video


    Changing ways of interaction.

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    Our current and future generations.

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    Bringing purpose to the workplace.

  • 2. Panel A: Individual Empowerment

    Real-life experiences from people who've been there, done that.

    Why did they start?

    Panel moderated by Leonard Lim, FGS Youth

    (Click on names for videos)

    Ben Lim

    My Little Gems Preschool

    (2nd from left)

    Thus Have I Seen Film Festival 

    (right in the middle)

    Ehipassiko Chanting Group

    (2nd from right)

    Tzu Chi Foundation

    (1st from right)

  • 3. Running Non-profits

    Comprehensive presentation by Conjunct Consulting.

  • 4. Panel B: Organisational Sustainaibility

    What do we need to think about to bring our organisations into the future?

    (Click on names for videos)

    Buddhist Fellowship



    Moderator: Ong Chin Hwee,

    Rangjung Yeshe Oddiyana


    Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing


  • Idea Pitch Videos @ Zen Marketplace

    After a day of generating ideas, these teams went around getting everyone's dana $$!

    (Click on pictures for videos)

    broken image

    Bringing Dharma to people.

    yi xin + sean + kaixin/amanda/xinhui

    Fresh from the Zen Marketplace!

    (i) Youths! 

    (ii) Meditation Flash Mob 

    (iii) Gratitude Week (to solve our collective identity crisis)

    broken image

    Tech-enabled Buddhism

    Jilian + zengrong/jerry + wilson

    Jump on the bandwagon.

    (i) Easy Schedule De-Conflicter

    (ii) Buddhist Lifestyle 1-Stop-Shop

    (iii) Integrated Cloud Tenanting

    broken image

    Connecting and using our people

    kyle + Jerry/Leena + Marcelly

    Come in and take a look at the following ideas!

    (i) People's Academy

    (ii) Dharma+Work Crisscross Meetups

    (iii) Rainmaking Club

  • Closing: Sharing of Merits

    Dedicating the good of the day to all sentient beings, with Buddhist music. 

    Performance by

    108 Degrees


    We are glad that your participation made the conference a resounding success. 

    Remember to like the BuddhistYouth Network's Facebook page to continue receiving updates on similar events and activities. 


    Till next time~!

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